Natural Deodorant?!?!  We all have the friend who loves it and the friend who’s had a stinky experience.  I’m one of the Lovers!  😍  So what it is about natural deodorants that have such a following?  Most are formulated without synthetic fragrances, parabens, phalates, or aluminum.  You may have heard reports that antiperspirants can be linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, while research is still happening, I’m doing my best to keep ingredients linked to such away from my body (i.e. using non-toxic products), specifically in the lymph node areas since they are the filters for harmful substances in the body.  Plus, why should I continue to expose my body to a potentially harsh chemical that makes me sweat more with it’s use?    

Natural deodorants are typically made with the use of baking soda or arrowroot to combat moisture, essential oils for a pleasant scent, and coconut oil or tea tree oil for disinfectant/antibacterial properties.  It’s important to note deodorant isn’t antiperspirant, deodorants aren’t plugging your sweat glands.   I will say it takes some time to find the right fit for your body when it comes to natural deodorants.  Many experience a “detox” phase with strange smells,  extra sweating & sensitivity but don’t give up there are lots of options out there.  

For me I don’t recall a specific detox but I’m sure my body has done it.  I do use Beautycounter’s Charcoal Cleansing Bar on my armpits daily to help keep odors at bay.  I have my favorite natural deodorants, plus a few that are on my “to buy” list when I need to replenish.  In my current rotation I have Native Coconut & Vanilla and Primal Pit Paste Lavender, I’m working my way away from Native as they were purchased by P&G earlier this year, Primally Pure Charcoal deodorant is on my next to purchase list I’ve heard really good reviews and they use fair trade ingredients when possible. I will say that I have at least two different deodorants open & using on my dresser, different brands & different scents in order to keep my personal odor in check.

Are you on the natural deodorant bandwagon? Do you have a favorite brand?